VCE students & tertiary singing students

VCE and tertiary students require a minimum of weekly 45-minute lessons to get through all of the assessment material - songs and technical work. Lessons are paid a term in advance (usually 10 weeks).

VCE students are eligible to attend any VCE singing workshop, arranged by Melinda, for FREE.

 45 minutes:  $75  /  60 minutes:  $100



VCE / audition consultation singing lessons (casual)

Melinda conducts consultation lessons for VCE singing exams, tertiary auditions and musical/show auditions.

Please ensure that you inform Melinda of the songs that you are working on at least 5 days in advance of the consultation lesson.

Lessons to be paid at the lesson.

 60 minutes:  $120





By enrolling in lessons with Melinda Ceresoli, students agree to the following:

- All lessons must be paid upfront, payable by term.

- No refunds will be given.

- A minimum of 24-hours notice MUST be given for lessons missed for illness or special circumstances.

- A maximum of ONE catch-up lesson per term, irrespective of how many lessons have been missed. Catch up lessons usually take place in the first week of each school holidays. Missed lessons cannot be credited to the next term.

- In the rare event of Melinda cancelling a lesson, a catch-up lesson or lesson credit will be offered.

- Lessons start and end on time. Extra time cannot be given when a student arrives late. Please do not arrive early, as there is no waiting area.

- Please do not schedule other activities or appointments during your lesson time, as a rescheduled lesson or catch-up will not be available.

- Students are responsible for their own care and safety while at Melinda Ceresoli's studio.

- Parent's are responsible for the care and safety of their child while at Melinda Ceresoli's studio.

- No observers in the lessons, other than one parent. Please discuss with Melinda whether your child would benefit from being in the lesson without a parent. Most students do better in lessons when on their own.