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Documents for VCE Music Performance, Contemporary Voice

 - current 2016

VCE Contemporary Voice: 2016 Prescribed List of Notated Works

Link to VCAA document.

This is THE song list that you need. All songs must come from this list, unless applying for an "alternative work".


VCE Music Performance: Performance Assessment Criteria

VCAA document.

Scroll down to p.5 for the actual list of criteria. Note that there is a column for Solo, and one for Group.


VCE Music Peformance: Mel's Performance Assessment Criteria Fill-In Sheets

To help ensure that singers understand the criteria, here is a fill-in sheet for students and voice teachers to fill in together.


Mel's VCE Vocal Repertoire Template

This template is to help keep track of songs being learned for the end-of-year performance assessment. Included are: styles, tempi, mood, vocal features, accompaniment type and duration.


VCE Units 3&4 - 9 Scales

These are the nine prescribed scales for the Musicianship outcome. Vocal students can include these in their Tech SAC, which will also help develop aural & theory.


VCE Units 3&4 - 10 Chords

These 10 prescribed chords, which are included in the Musicianship outcome, can also be sung as arpeggios, and included in the Tech SAC.



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